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Jim with a new friend in Costa Rica
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Feb. 2006

Hello, I'm Jim Jordan.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my programs.

Here at Wild Studies I believe that learning goes far beyond the classroom and lectures. Life experiences and world travel contribute much to our ability to deal with the unexpected, function in a strange environment or culture, and learn new skills, all of which increase confidence and decision making abilities, qualities so sought after by the business world. For this reason, I decided to combine education and skill development in remote, "end of the road" locations.

I have always felt that it is just as important to know who you are doing business with as it is to scrutinize the product you are purchasing.

As the founder of THE INSTITUTE FOR ECOLOGICAL FIELD STUDIES, WILD STUDIES programs, I bring a lifetime of world experience to your stay at my facilities.

My early education was in aviation, where I obtained a commercial pilots and aircraft mechanics license while still in my teens. Experience in this field and a tour in the Navy, flying the world in anti submarine patrol bombers, got me hooked on travel and adventure.

Being self employed since my early 20's has allowed me to obtain experience in all areas of business and in several fields, including real estate and insurance. Extensive travel for business and pleasure has taken me all over the world to exotic lands where I always seek the primitive, out of the way places.

Leading a Snorkling Adventure
Touching a whale in the Sea of Cortez
Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Leading Students, Eleuthera, Bahamas, Summer 2006 Baja, Mexico Caressing a Whale, 2002 Mekong Delta-Vietnam, Oct. 2005


I presently run the Wild Studies programs and invest in various real estate ventures. Eleuthera in the Bahamas has been my home for the last sixteen years (www.OutpostHotel.com).

I enjoy artistic pursuits, including photography, sketching, furniture making, fly planes, scuba dive, and spend as much time as I can exploring new places.

Privaot Pilot
Navy Pilot
Rescuing Sea Turtles
Pilot, 2006
In the Navy, Spain, 1969
Rescuing a Turtle, Bahamas, Aug. 2006