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Wild Studies wants participants and guardians to feel well informed about our science adventure programs. If you do not find the answer to your questions please contact Wild Studies by phone at 1-866-658-1119 or by email at info@wildstudies.com.


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Let us answer your questions:

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How do I sign up?


A. For individual students (those NOT traveling with a Teacher or Group Leader from their school or organization):

Step 1. For participants 17 years old or younger, print the participant application and mail it to the address provided along with a $100 deposit. Click here for the Participant Application

Step 2. After you mail the application,email us at info@wildstudies.com or call 1-800-531-2240 so that we can expect your application in the mail. Wild Studies will pencil your request into the schedule and if you are accepted into the program, will provide you with a login code to the website for registration and secure payment using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.


B.Students who are traveling with a Teacher or Group Leader from their school or organization:

1. Complete the pre-application provided to you by the Group Leader and return it to them with a $100 deposit.

2. If you are accepted to travel with your organization, your Group Leader will provide you with log in information to the website to complete registration and to make a secure payment using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.


Deposits and Payment Plans:

Deposits of $100 per student will secure a participant's place in our program for 15 days. Wild Studies accepts student registration throughout the year based on availability. With enrollment in automatic withdrawal using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, students have until May 15 to pay their program tuition in equal monthly installments.

Participant Payment Schedule


Do you have references?

Yes, we have wonderful participants and Group Leaders that are happy to share their experience with you. Please contact us for a list of references. Click here for testimonials


How are participants selected?

Participants will be selected based on the answers to their questions on the application and a teacher's recommendation.


What happens after I am selected to participate?

If you are selected to participate in an adventure you will be paired with a Group Leader and given a login code to complete registration and pay via our secure website using a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. A credit of $100 will go toward your tuition. Your Group Leader will correspond with you and your parent/guardian before the trip, meet you at a hub airport, and supervise you while onsite. Wild Studies will assist you in making flight arrangements. If you are not accepted your cashies check will be returned to you.


What special gear or equipment is needed?

Wild Studies tuition includes all gear for activities. Participants will be responsible to bring personal items such as hiking shoes, a backpack, and flashlight. We will provide a packing list.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! All participants sign up with just a $100 deposit. From there participants can either choose to pay in full or sign up for our automatic monthly payments. Payments are determined by the balance divided by the number of months until May 15th. The earlier in the year that participants submit a deposit, the smaller their monthly installment will be. Please be advised, Wild Studies do NOT charge a fee or interest for this service, but a $25 fee will be access to each declined monthly payment. Click here see the payment table: Participant Payment Schedule


Do you offer payment methods other than credit card?

You may pay for your Wild Studies trip with ONE mail in payment using a Cashiers Check made payable to Wild Studies for the full amount. This must come with you application. If the participant is NOT accepted into the program, the Cashiers Check will be returned. If participants must have a payment plan they will need to enroll in our automatic payment system using a Visa or Mastcard Debit or card on our secure website. Please contact us if you have questions, but please know that we do not make any acceptions to this rule.


What is the cancellation policy?

Wild Studies cannot issue refunds once students have submitted a payment. Participants are highly encouraged to purchase travel insurance to protect their investment. Policies should cover missed connections, emergency medical evacuation and treatment, trip cancellation, and trip interruption.

Travel Insurance Information


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. Wild Studies requires each participant purchases an inexpensive travel insurance policy that covers trip cancellation, missed connection, trip interruption and delay, and emergency medical evacuation and treatment. Click here for more information on travel insurance Moreover, due to weather, unannounced government rules changes, unreliable freight shipping and airline schedule changes, or other forces beyond our control, any planned schedule or activity may have to change or be cancelled without notice. Airline tickets are purchased in your individual names and are your property once paid for. Subsequent schedule changes, route cancellations, or other complications are beyond our control. Hence it is the named individual’s responsibility to handle such matters directly with the airline.

How do we arrange flights to the departure cities?

The price of tuition does not include roundtrip air to the program departure city. Wild Studies will put you in touch with our travel agent to assist you in making flight arrangments to fly with a group in your area or connect at hub airports.

Do you have scholarship programs?

We have sponsorship forms that participants can use to help fund some or all of their tution costs. Sponsorship donations are made directly to the participant and the participant must continue to have funds available for automatic withdrawal in the account on file with Wild Studies. Participants and parents should commit to paying the tuition in full and pay themselves back through fundraising efforts. Since this is an educational experience that does offer college credit, check into low interest loans from your bank or other educational loan programs. Parents, we encourage you to have your child fundraise or work toward paying part of the program tuition. Work can be in the form of maintaining a certain grade point average, participating in community service, or saving money from a part time job. See below for forms you and your child can use to try to get sponsorship for the trip.

Sponsorship Letter

Contribution Form

Sponsor Worksheet

Sponsorship Tips

Helpful Reminders

Do participants need a passport?

Yes, everyone is required to have a passport for all of our international adventures.

Do you keep age levels together? Will my 8th grader be with high school students?

Wild Studies has had mixed groups of junior high and high school participants. For individual applicants, we may recommend an alternate travel date other than the applicant's first choice if the group is older or younger than that participant. At that time, the applicant and his or her guardian(s) can discuss the travel options. In mixed age groups, everyone participates together in field excursions and classroom activities. We focus on team work with older students mentoring younger students.


What rold does the Group Leader play?

Our Group Leaders are junior high and high school teachers from across the US. They will be the point of contact for the participant and guardian before and during the trip. This will give the participant traveling alone a chance to get to know other students who will also be participating their week. The Group Leader will meet the individual participant at a hub airports and travel with him or her to the host country. The Group Leader will be authorized consent to treat in case of an medical emergency and will provide one on one support for the student during their trip.


How long have your programs been in operation?

We have provided thousands of participants with exciting and safe ecoadventure since 1992.


How safe is it?

Safety is a difficult question. No outdoor adventure is safe. This is an eco adventure educational trip. Adventure does not come without some risk. This trip is not as safe as sitting home watching TV or playing with a computer. You are out experiencing nature, and nature can be unpredictable and dangerous. Since our beginning in 1992, with the training, rules, and procedures we have installed, we have never had an incident more serious than a minor scrape or split toenail. Please follow our rules and help keep it that way.


Will we have access to phone or email?

Because of the remoteness of the facilities, the old adage applies," no news is good news." At each location a phone call home to initiate a phone tree will confirm the participant has arrived safely. Wild Studies also posts daily pictures of the students participating in activities. For emergency contact. Parents should email emergency_contact@wildstudies.com We will relay a message to the student as soon as possible.


I have more questions...can we talk on the phone?

Definately! Please send an email or call our office to discuss any of our programs, policies, and procedures. You can also learn more information about each program by clicking on the program links below or from the home page.

Emai us at info@wildstudies.com

Call: 1-800-531-2240