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ta Rica Green Adventures
Rainforest Ecology Adventure

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Check back for 2010 dates or contact us at info@wildstudies.com

Exciting Activities For All Skill Levels

  1. Experience the sites and sounds of San Jose markets.
  2. Trek uncharted jungle trails in daylight and darkness.
  3. Visit a coffee plantation and local farms.
  4. Interact with exotic rainforest animals at a wildlife rehabilitation center.
  5. See what National Geographic has labeled, "the most biologically diverse place on earth."
  6. Learn to journal and photograph the creatures encountered.
  7. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you rappel from a rainforest waterfall.
  8. Explore the rainforest canopy by ropes and harness.

Education and Environmental Awareness

  1. Identification of plants and animals.
  2. Rainforest ecology.
  3. Introduction to Natural Resource Management.
  4. Learn about Costa Rican culture.
  5. Environmental issues awareness.
  6. Introduction to coastal ecosystems.
  7. Introduction to Osa Peninsula Geology.
  8. Scientific data collection.
  9. Hike into a life-changing adventure no zoo tour or documentary could ever provide.


Wild Studies Green is an 8 day eco-educational adventure for up to 16 students chaperoned by their teacher. Through our instructors participants will be introduced to life within a tropical rainforest and learn first hand how it is important to the world. They will also learn how the rest of the world is rapidly having its effect on the rainforest. This is accomplished through daily field trips to our informal classrooms in the forest. Here, hands on learning will be applied to familiarize students with the plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects of the rainforest.

We will visit a wide variety of environments during daylight and darkness. River hiking, waterfalls, beaches, lagoons and mountainous terrain will all be visited and studied. Segments on geology of the area, history, and interaction with our local neighbors will round out the weeks activities.

"The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see." ~ G.K. Chesterton

Costa Rica GreenCosta Rica Green ActivitiesCosta Rica Green Questions & AnswersThe Country of Costa Rica