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College Credit - Costa Rica Undergraduate

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College Credit
Bahamas Blue UndergraduateBahamas Blue GraduateCosta Rica UndergraduateCosta Rica Graduate
Baja Mexico UndergraduateBaja Mexico Graduate

Course Information:

Semester/Year Summer: 2008 Ropes Course
Course Prefix and Number: NRES 100
Section Number: 88
Course Title (Subtitle): Natural Resources Career Workshop:
Eco-Adventure Experience and Selected Topics in Environmental Education:
Eco-Adventure Experience
Number of Credits: 1

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Email complete paper as an attachment to Tara Short to collegecredit@wildstudies.com with "Costa Rica Paper" in the subject line.


Credit Requirements:

  • Students will complete a theme paper due September 15, 2008.
  • Important: Follow the requirements carefully. Points will be deducted for each missing component. It is as easy to get an A as it is to get a C when participating in this course. You will be grade not only on the quality of your research paper, but also on following directions. Remember, this is a college level course and you must submit your best work. It is a good idea to have a teacher proof read your paper before you submit it to Wild Studies. This grade will be on your college transcripts

Requirements for Theme Paper:

  • Choose 1 topic from below.
  • The paper must be at least 2100 words(1 cover page, 5 pages of text (no pictures please), 1 sources cited page)
  • Use Microsoft Word doc or Adobe pdf files only. We do not support Word Perfect.
  • 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins.
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Use proper MLA citation within the document and include a sources cited page.
  • Use at least three credible sources. In additions to websites, books, and magazines, you may also interview experts, use television documentaries, and radio broadcasts.


  1. Tropical Rainforest. Describe the structure (layers-canopy, sub canopy, mid canopy, etc.), species in each layer, animals that occupy each layer, and interrelationships of organisms...and the abiotic factors such as rain, soil, wind, and sunlight.
  2. Night Hike Ecology. What did you discover about the nights in tropical forests; the interdependency of amphibians, bats, and other critters on the plants and insects of the tropical forest.
  3. Ecology of the Rainforest Canopy or Strangler Fig. Discuss the interrelationships of trees, epiphytes, macaws, and/or strangler fig ecology.
  4. Lagoon and Wetland Ecology
  5. Mangrove ecology and conservation.
  6. Sea Turtle Conservation. Describe the types of turtles that nest on the Osa Beaches, why they are threatened or endangered, what can be done to protect them? What are some government agencies doing to protect them (example, the Caribbean Conservation Corps). Or focus on a related Marine resource issue -- over fishing.
  7. Gold Mine History and its effects on the Osa and Costa Rica
  8. Corcovado and the National Parks of Costa Rica. Write a paper on the history, resources and challenges facing Corcovado and other national parks in Costa Rica.
  9. Rainforest products. What resources does the rainforest provide the global economy. How do people from your home state rely on products produced from the rainforest? Is our dependence on the rainforest sustainable?
  10. Cause and effect. The rainforest has often been described as the "lungs of the earth". Explain the role the rainforest plays in the global ecosystem in terms of its biotic and abiotic production and nutrient cycling. According to scientists, how fast is the rainforest disappearing? What are the global consequences for losing this endangered resource?


Submission of Paper

Email your paper as an attachment to:

Tara Short - Assistant Director: collegecredit@wildstudies.com (use "Costa Rica Paper" in the subject Line)

College Credit
Bahamas Blue UndergraduateBahamas Blue GraduateCosta Rica UndergraduateCosta Rica Graduate
Baja Mexico UndergraduateBaja Mexico Graduate