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Baja Mexico - Frequently Asked Questions

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About Baja California Sur

Northern MexicoBaja California Sur is one of the 31 States of Mexico, occupying the part of the Baja California Peninsula south of the 28th parallel. It is considered a portion of North America. It is bordered to the north by the state of Baja California, to the west by the Pacific Ocean, and to the east by the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortés.

Click here for maps and photos from Maps-Of-Mexico.com

How do I get there?

Tuition does not include roundtrip airfare. Typically, airfare is least expensive if participants fly into Cabo San Lucas Airport vs La Paz. Wild Studies' travel agent will assist you with selecting a reasonable fare and we will pick you up at either airport. Typical airfare is about $650 from most departure cities but can be as high as $800. It is important to purchase airline tickets around January for fall enrollment or within 30 days of your deposit for winter enrollment.


Where will I stay?

Participants will stay at the Hotel Marina in La Paz on arrival day, 3 nights at our island camp on Espiritu Santo Island, and 2 nights at Cabo Plumo Beach Resort in Cabo Plumo.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! Wild Studies requires each participant show proof of purchase of a travel insurance policy that covers trip cancellation, missed connection, trip interruption, trip delay, and emergency medical evacuation and treatment. Click here to learn more


Bahia La PazWhat type of food will I eat?

Meals will be a mix of local fare such as beans, rice, chicken, pork, and fish. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided as well as snacks and plenty of ice water.

How many participants will there be per week?

Group size will be limited to 14 students and their group leader. Our staff will consist of our program manager, an instructor, a local guide, and our local kitchen staff.

What type of activities will we do?

Click on the Baja Mexico Activities above for a more compete schedule. This multi-sport adventure will have participants climbing through desert canyons and mountainous terrain, exploring rocky beaches, swimming with sea lions, riding in boats, traversing the countryside by van, wading in waterfall pools, and interacting with native people. Be advised caution is required on all activities. There are no paved walkways here on most of our activities. Rough, steep, uneven, slippery footing and unpredictable environmental conditions is the rule rather than the exception.


What should I pack?

Keep it simple. Lightweight tropical clothing and footwear is the norm. Don't forget sun protection like sunglasses, sun block and hat. See our complete desert travelers packing list for details. While snorkeling you will want a rash guard top to protect you from sea jellies, rock scrapes, and other abrasions. Participants who chill easily may want to bring a 3mm wetsuit or rent one in Baja from the dive shop for $25 for the week. If you are traveling before June you are required to either bring a wetsuit or rent one onsite.

What type of currency will I need?

Mexican currency is the Peso ($1 US dollar is equal to about 10 Mexican Pesos). US Currency is accepted here but you should exchange about 60% of your US dollars for Mexican Pesos at the international currency exchange at the airport in your departure city. $150- $200 US in small bills ($5, $10, $20) will cover most emergencies (unexpected travel delays, medical emergencies) and local shopping for souvenirs and snacks.

What travel documentation will I need?

You will need a passport. Apply at your local courthouse or post office. Don't wait until the last minute, it does take some time. They cost $80-100 not including the cost of two head shots which must be submitted with the application. All participants traveling with a group leader will need to provide a permission to travel form signed by BOTH parents and notarized. Mexican immigration has strict rules about minors traveling without their parents or legal guardians.This form will be located on your online student account with special instructions for students of divorced or widowed parents and those traveling with one parent on this trip.

Are vaccinations required?

Vaccines are not required, but check with your physician to be sure you are up to date on your shots. A tetanus shot is a good idea. Check with your doctor and check the Center for Disease Control's website for updates and recommendations.

Will I have access to a telephone?

Telephone and cell phone communication is not possible while we are out in the field. Some cell phone services like t-mobile and AT&T may get service in Baja. However, a "we got here" call can be made from the Hotel Marina in La Paz. Participants with cell phone coverage are not allowed to use the cell phone while participating in activities or classes. As with our other programs, don't panic if there is no call. If there is a problem, you'll hear about it. No news is good news, is the rule here.

What is included in the cost?

Ground transportation from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, Baja Sur Mexico. Local transportation, departure tax, all meals, daily activities, lodging, guide service, workbook, and program t-shirt.

Tell me about the weather. Will it be hot?

The southern parts of the state have a dry, desert climate. The maximum temperature exceeds 40ºC (104ºF) in the summer and the minimum is less than 0ºC (32ºF) in the winter. You will be participating in a lot of water activities. Be sure to have plenty of sun protection including sunglasses, sun block, and light t-shirts. You must drink about 1 liter of water per day to avoid dehydration.

Do I have to be an athlete to go on this trip?

No, but You must be in good physical condition as we will be hiking over rough and steep terrain, in dry and hot conditions.

Are medical facilities nearby?

Depending on our location at the time, a drive to a hospital or medical clinic in La Paz or Cabo San Lucas may be 2-3 hours. Air evacuation can be fairly quick due to our proximity to the airport. Medical care can be significantly delayed.

How safe is this adventure?

No outdoor adventure is safe. This is an eco-adventure educational trip. Adventure does not come without some risk. This trip is not as safe as sitting home watching TV or playing with a computer. You are out experiencing nature and nature can be unpredictable and dangerous. At times, we hike over slippery, rough uneven terrain; you could slip and be injured. We climb and scramble along waterfalls; you could fall. Don't we face many of these same risks every day as we travel, shop, and work around the house or participate in school activities and athletics? Participants in this trip, with the training, rules, and procedures we have installed, have never had an incident more serious than a minor scrape or split toenail. Please follow our rules and help keep it that way.


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