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Day 1: Arrival to Cabo San Lucas and Journey to La Paz

Our first day begins with your flight from the United States to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We will greet you at the airport and provide van transport to the City of La Paz. The 2.5 hour scenic drive in our air conditioned vans and trucks will take you through small villages and canyon country. In La Paz, participants will overnight at the Hotel Marina, a beautiful new facility with pool and restaurant, located right on the water. You will relax and meet our Baja Team and lounge around the pool while having our welcome talk and safety meeting before dining at the hotel. Time permitting, we will drive or walk into town for a little sight seeing and light shopping.

Day 2: Island Adventure Awaits!

After breakfast, we meet at the marina to board a boat to Espiritu Santo Island. A strict packing list for the island will be enforced. Personal supplies for 3 days will be all that you are allowed to take on the journey. Your luggage will stay locked in our mainland office.

The boat ride to Espiritu Santo is approximately 1 hour. If we are lucky, dolphins, manta rays...or other elusive mega fauna will be spotted. Upon arrival, you will receive a quick tour of camp. Although the beach camp is rustic, there are eco-friendly toilets (that flush) and cold showers. Each tent will accommodate two students. We provide cots, bed linens and towels. Before lunch, participants will learn basic snorkeling skills and free diving techniques in the shallow bay in front of camp. After lunch participants will use their snorkeling skills to explore the rocky shoreline and inter tidal zone. Many different species of fish and invertebrates can be found right off shore. After dinner we will go over marine organism ID and survey techniques to prepare for the next two days of underwater adventures.




Day 3 & 4 Island Marine Extreme

All afternoon of Day 2 through the morning of Day 5 will include snorkeling, kayaking and study of the marine life common to the Sea of Cortez. We will also do some hiking and exploration of the hills and desert terrain where we will see a variety of plant life and incredible views and landscapes.

We will snorkel with a colony of 500 wild sea lions while thy streak past, checking us out, blowing bubbles and performing all manner of acrobatics. This is so much fun you will want to return a second time. Your friends will not believe your pictures. Dolphins are easily spotted from our boat, allowing up close encounters and great picture opportunities. Manta rays and whale sharks inhabit the same area and are frequently spotted. Large schools of colorful reef fish are abundant and provide great photo opportunities.

Island exploration and hikes, especially to elevations for Sunrise and Sunset offer the opportunity to study the rock and desert landscape as well as the plants and animals that survive here. We will talk about the geological history of the area and visit spectacular cliffs and sea scapes by foot and sea kayak. Kayaking along remote shoreline will be another highlight of this adventure. Kayaks allow us to explore remote coastline and approach bird and sea lion rookeries without scaring away the inhabitants.

These two and a half days of island adventure are action packed and not nearly enough time to see every dive site or scenic hike. Day adventures will provide thrilling experiences both below the water line and topside. Nights will be quiet and still. You will have the option to sleep outside your tent on your cot under a sky full of twinkling stars on your own private beach.

As with our other programs, we will offer plenty of down time for exploration, swimming, volleyball or just plain relaxing. Each evening will include a class discussion and workbook activities and offer some time to work on our Spanish with our local guides and drivers.

Day 5 Mid-Day: Return to La Paz and Cultural Activities

We will motor back to the Marina, where we will board our vans and explore the historic city of La Paz and learn about the people of Baja and their culture. A special highlight for you and some deserving kids will be a visit to an orphanage housing over one hundred kids of all ages. If you'd like to help these kids, they need English workbooks, art supplies, school supplies and clothing. The local priest running the facility will even provide clothing sizes if your group wants to bring something down. This is all voluntary, but a brief visit of an hour of so, would make a huge difference and be very much appreciated. If you plan ahead, you can learn to read a children's book written in spanish to some of the kids and donate it to them when you leave. Let us know if you are interested in this so that we can plan accordingly.

We will visit also visit with an anthropologist couple in their little museum/shop, watch hammocks and blankets being woven on 100 year old looms and visit a family owned pottery factory that produces beautiful pieces, perfect for gifts. Artisan shops are everywhere. Great food, colonial architecture, beautiful waterfront scenery, all provide a memorable end to your great Baja adventure.


After a full day of exploring the cultural side of the city we will depart in our vans to Cabo Plumo Beach Resort about 1 hour south of La Paz. Your home for the next two days will be in eco-friendly beach bungalows. Our host will give you a tour and talk with you about water and electricity conservation. Access to the beach is just steps away from the buildings. After dinner, for those with extra energy we will do a short beach walk to search for crabs, birds, turtles and other natural beach goers.


Day 6: Pulmo Reef and Fox Canyon

Plumo Reef is a natural marine preserve and the only coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. Easily reached from shore, this site is a living laboratory of marine species including. You will use your snorkeling skills to explore and observe the varied beauty of these crystal clear waters. After lunch and a short siesta, our group will travel to Fox Canyon. During a short hike we will explore the desert trails which lead through a variety of desert habitats include a canyon oasis with a perfect pool and waterfall for swimming.



Day 7 Departure Day

(varies by each group's departure time)

After a hearty breakfast, we go over last minute travel instructions and then load up the vans for your trip to the Cabo San Lucas Airport located about 1 hour south of Cabo Plumo. This is always a sad day for us but we are happy knowing that we were able to show you an amazing adventure. Thank you for choosing Wild Studies. We hope you enjoyed your trip!

Baja MexicoBaja Mexico ActivitiesBaja Mexico Questions & AnswersFor StudentsFor Teachers
Desert landscape of Baja California Sur. The pool and garden at the Hotel Marina. angel fish Camp on Espiritu Santu Island Dining tent and classroom area at camp. Participants will spend 3 nights on the island. Bluefooted Boobies Beach Volleyball Participants learn snorkeling skills in a calm bay. A typical meal. Sit-on-top kayaking. Giant Damselfish Pelicans Desert oasis at Fox Canyon and fresh water swimming hole. scenes from Fox Canyon