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Expectations and House Rules

Bahamas Blue can be as challenging, exciting, and educational as you make it. We have a basic program set up and as the week progresses we tailor the education and adventure to meet the group’s needs and skill levels. Trust is the most important during the week. In order for us to allow you to do some of the activities, as well as allow you free-time, you have to show us that we can trust you will be safe, respectful, and follow instructions.

There are a lot of “rules” for this trip. All of them have been designed around two areas, safety of the students and safety of the property. These eight statements are a summary of your expectations for the week. Sign below to show that you agree and understand.


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Environmental Consideration:


General Facility Care:


Main house:



Toilets:  Please hold the handle and wait for all water to drain completely out of the bowl before you let go of the handle. Flush after every use and GO EASY ON THE PAPER!! NO SANITARY PRODUCTS IN THE TOILET EVER (wrap it and put it in trash). After flushing, wait to make sure the toilet does not run. If a toilet continues to flow, it will drain all the water from our well and none of us will have fresh water.   Clothes Storage: Keep wet clothes hung up outside on lines and other belongings packed away in your bags at all times.  This prevents unwanted critters from crawling through your clothes and possibly biting you. Keep the floors clear for sweeping and in case of an emergency exit.  NO FOOD in the dorms at anytime. NO BOYS IN GIRL’S DORM and NO GIRLS IN BOY’S DORM. Lights out: 10:30pm (be in dorms at 10pm), no exceptions.


Remain seated, alert, and watch for branches and critters.  As we travel, we try to “blend in” with nature as much as possible. No shouting at locals, screaming, pounding on the truck cab, or standing while in motion.

Prevent Dehydration by drinking plenty of water (EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT THIRSTY).  Signs of dehydration: headache, fatigue, white spots on tongue, upset stomach, dizziness, and very yellow urine). Apply sunscreen generously and often!  It is best to apply BEFORE BREAKFAST and AFTER LUNCH. Wash your hands to prevent it from getting on your mask lens.

Daily Packing List
When we are away from the Outpost you never know what you are going to need.  It’s important to ALWAYS BE PREPARED! Use this checklist to ensure that you have the necessities.  Pack your dive bag the night before so you are not rushing in the morning.  It is recommended that you and your buddy share a day pack.

Notes: Dive Gear is your responsibility during the week. Keep your equipment in your dive bag and store your gear outside your dorm. You will be charged the cost of lost or damaged gear, including weight belts.
Please do not carry dive gear through the buildings.


Eleuthera OverviewBahamas CrittersBahamas GeologyProtect the ReefsHouse Rules
Careers in Marine ScienceThe DogsBahamas Snorkeling